Most Suffering is Beneath
the Surface

Real-time digital monitoring and alerts to protect
your loved ones

Fipple App Helps Prevent Personal and Mass Tragedies with Real-Time Digital Monitoring and Alerts

Look after your loved ones, children, clients, and colleagues by spotting digital early warning signs with Fipple’s breakthrough technology.

How Fipple Works



Fipple works behind the scenes on mobile devices and tablets to proactively monitor text, emoticons, images, videos, and voices.

Data Capture

Fipple captures this monitoring with copies of text, metadata, images and context from interaction activity apps such as google, text, gmail, siri, and iMessage.


Fipple searches through the data to identify signs, behaviors, and activities that indicate your loved one could be in danger of harming themselves or others.

Alert & Communication

Fipple sends alerts in real-time to designated points of contact, enabling them to act and prevent the unimaginable from taking place.

Fipple’s Intuitive Interface Makes It Easy to Care for and Protect Loved Ones

Prevention Starts with Being Proactive

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