Cyber Bullying

Ask anyone about cyberbullying and they will tell you that chatrooms, social media, and instant messaging are filled with intentional, harmful, and repetitive bullying. Considering the amount of time people spend online, the notion that one can be exposed to hours of cyberbullying every day no matter where they are becomes a painful realty.

The result severe impacts on mental health often culminating in suicide or other destructive behavior.

For parents, teachers, and counselors, it can be a challenge to see the signs, even if they closely supervise a child’s online activity, because in many cases the child is embarrassed by the bullying and may try to hide it. And while the evidence of bullying may not be apparent off-screen, the psychological damage suffered from this emotional violence can last well into his or her adult life.

The Fipple App Monitors
every keystroke

The Fipple App monitors every keystroke, using the very best data science, psychology, and linguistic detection to identify bullying behavior. It then alerts parents and care givers immediately to help them intervene and prevent future bullying

The cyber world can be daunting for kids.
Let Fipple help you watch over your loved ones.


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