Drug Abuse

Addiction is a complicated, misunderstood, and tragic disease that impacts not only the individual suffering from it, but also the ecosystem of family and friends surrounding that individual. And because addiction is a life-long battle, relapse occurs in 40-60% of recoveries, which makes maintaining relationships not only more challenging, but also more important for continued improvement to maintain sobriety..

To prevent a relapse requires more than self-will. It takes consistent support and accountability between the victim and the people who care about his or her wellbeing.

24-hour Monitoring,
and Real-time alerts

Fipple is uniquely capable of helping maintain open lines of communication between victims of addiction and their support system. It offers 24-hour monitoring, and real-time alerts to behavior, communication, and even the locations that may lead to relapse. If a loved one in recovery enters a local bar, the Fipple app will alert users. If the victim speaks to desiring a drink, a drug, or a vice, Fipple users know – instantly. Fipple can report to family, friends, sponsors, therapists, or all of the above.

Society, communities, and families all suffer when addiction goes unchecked.
Get proactive today.
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