Fipple real-time parental/caregiver alert application.It was designed by psychologists, data scientists, forensic professionals, linguists and concerned parents. It monitors for potentially dangerous or concerning behavior and alerts you in real-time so you can intervene.
Fipple provides a comprehensive approach to behavior monitoring of your mobile device.  Behavior types monitored include:
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Violent behavior
  • School shooter library
  • Bullying
  • Gambling
  • Sexting and Sexual behavior
  • Substance, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
  • General Mental Health
Fipple is one of the only applications that sends an alert to you when your child or loved one exhibits concerning behavior. Most parental controls require parents to constantly be searching their child’s devices to detect problems. This, of course, is time consuming and dangerous. In this paradigm, parents are often alerted too late to the problems that may exist. With Fipple the problems come to you in real-time so parents can be proactive rather reactive. 

Other alert applications find their information using a third-party backup. The problem with this is that it often requires a caregivers phone to be backed up often to iCloud or other storage repository to work accurately. In addition to third party backup, Fipple captures data at many points in the process. The result is that Fipple is a more comprehensive monitoring system and will be more accurate and effective.

With Fipple, content monitoring is not limited by applications nor accounts. Current parental control solutions only allow a certain number of apps and accounts to be monitored. The problem is that popular apps and accounts of a loved one can change frequently and the pressure is on parents to stay abreast of information.
Fipple captures data at many points in the process, not just using third party backup. The result is a more comprehensive system with increased accuracy.

Fipple also leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to decipher disturbing content. It is also able to detect photos of nudity, gun violence, and concerning memes.

Fipple also provides the ability to generate custom monitoring of locations and content.  This will allow caregivers to monitor for a problem of particular interest to them.
You sign up for a subscription and the proceed with the initial set up process.  This involves providing some basic details and setting up account preferences. You will then be prompted to easily download the monitoring application to your device(s) from the relevant app store.
Fipple has been engineered to make it as difficult as Apple and Google will allow for kids to uninstall or disable.  Apple and Google believe in privacy first and we do as well. We have several methods in place to make disabling, uninstalling or getting around the App difficult. We also have monitoring set up should this occur so you may intervene. Further, if one is successful in uninstalling, our server will automatically reinstall the application.
Currently, Fipple runs on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets.
  • Content created by the user– text, photos, emojis, and memes in Apps on the device including the browser.
  • Content received by others via email, text, browser and via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many others.
Pricing details will soon be released.
Fipples believes the opposite. Fipple believes our system gives a great deal of privacy to our loved ones. Consider this: Right now, concerned parents take their children’s phone and comb through all the content as a monitoring method. Fipple is saying we no longer need to do this. We can trust our child and only need to know the content when it is of concern. We liken the monitoring system to an online crossing guard. At some point, a child can go on their own without a crossing guard or parent but should they stumble, someone is there to catch them.  Positive proactive parenting conversations can be had as a result of Fipple.

There is an old adage “trust but verify”. There are serious situations out there. As Suicide, anxiety and depression, school violence, cyberbullying, and online solicitation is on the rise, Fipple feels that is better to know if there is a growing problem- with your loved one- or those with whom they are interacting.
No,Fipple has basic parental controls so that you do not need multiple applications.
Yes, Fipple employs security by design in its application and its supporting infrastructure
We welcome your inquiries to Fipple will endeavor to respond to support inquiries within 5 days. 




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