Fight Against Suicide

Our loved ones are suffering in silence in greater numbers than ever before as suicide rates continue to rise in America. In fact, nearly 45,000 Americans – including some as young as 10 years old - lost their lives in 2017.

Yet Suicide is Preventable and being able to spot the first signs of suicidal thoughts are crucial to helping people get back on track to a happy, healthy life.

Mental health issues and depression affect people of all ages. To help protect and support those in need, we must recognize the first signs of suicidal thoughts. Often those symptoms are internalized, or are spread out in a manner such that no one person can identify them as red flags.

Fipple is a game changer for Suicide Prevention.

Our input detection technology monitors for these crucial early warning signs of suicidal thoughts, and sends real-time alerts to an assigned individual. Whether a victim is sharing their depressed thoughts to others via text, or anonymously Googling suicide options, Fipple is on the clock at all times to detect signs and alert you so that you can respond to their cries of help before harmful behavior can happen.

Be there for someone even when you’re not.
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Prevention Starts with Being Proactive

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