Our Mission

Fipple was founded with a mission; to save every single child from suicide, violence or destructive behavior towards themselves or others.

We are shifting the paradigm from a reactive to a proactive approach thus reducing catastrophic events, self-violence, mass shootings and other destructive, yet avoidable, actions.

Using the best in data science, combined with psychology and linguistic detection, we monitor a child’s every keystroke, looking for signs of depression, suicide, drug use, violence, bullying, and much more. Parents, doctors, and caregivers are alerted to any of these signs.

When properly administered, our app input detection technology can be used for any individual of any age, monitoring for warning signs so that intervention can happen in time to save life.

Our passion and mission is:

  • To keep people (children, teens, parents, patients, and people who need help) safe in the world of internet connected devices
  • To keep people safe in the physical world using the positive benefits of internet connected devices
  • To use technology to help people in need, whether they realize they need help or not
  • To provide an opportunity for a parent or caregiver to intervene
  • To be able to digitally parent in the ways and moments that really matter
  • To protect people in dangerous digital and real-world situations
  • To leverage data science for good
  • To protect while being thoughtful and targeted about privacy while simultaneously fostering independence, using the same doctor-patient confidentiality principles
  • To give parents peace of mind and an ability to rest easy knowing they are empowered and able to proactively intervene with around-the-clock monitoring.

Join our mission, hand-in-hand, with the Fipple app.

Together, we can turn the tide in child suicide, drug use, depression and violence. Together, we can hear suffering cries and save lives. Together, we can ensure our hope for the future, generation upon generation, until the tide is lifted for all mankind.


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Prevention Starts with Being Proactive

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