School And Gun Violence

No one wants to think that their child could be the next Columbine or Parkland shooter. But to understand an adolescent’s mental state, we need systems in place to ensure that he or she isn’t thinking of gun violence as an outward solution to their inner problems. We need Fipple

Guns are more prevalent in our society than ever before – one in four school-age children has been exposed to gun violence, either by being victimized by or witnessing these terrifying actions.

Conversations with children aimed to explain the un-explainable acts which produce gun violence are simply not enough to help them understand, feel more secure, or in the worst case, prevent them from turning to guns in a time of desperation. They have many issues, and suffer from depression, heightened anxiety, anger, aggression, negative problem solving, and poor relationship building behavior – all of which can discourage them from expressing their feelings outwardly.

Fipple monitors and identifies the emotional factors

Fipple monitors and identifies the emotional factors surrounding gun violence – including aggressiveness, threats, and concerning behavior – to get people of all ages the help they need and deter disastrous actions before they happen.

We cannot stand by and allow another Parkland.
It is on all of us to make sure our loved ones understand that violence is not the answer

Use Fipple to protect your own children – so that you can protect all children.


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